FFL Transfer Services

What is an FFL Transfer and why do I need one?

Per 18 U.S.C. 922, firearms purchased online must be shipped to a licensed FFL to facilitate a legal transfer of the firearm(s) which includes properly filling out a form 4473, verification of identification, and completion of a NICS Federal Background check at the time of pickup. Located in the heart of the Brier Creek area of Raleigh, NC The Cary Brass Guy LLC dba TCBG / Tactical Country Brass and Guns is pleased to offer our FFL transfer services for all of your online purchasing needs.

Inbound Transfers

The most common scenario we encounter is a customer purchases a firearm from an online retailer or auction site and then needs to identify a licensed FFL to handle the transfer and conduct the required background checks. Please note: TCBG requires that any non-licensee's appear in person at our shop with a valid government issued identification card to transfer a firearm. We will NOT accept any non-licensee shipments of firearms. 

Upon request, we will provide our FFL to other current license holders. To request they may email: transfers@tcbg.shop or call 984-208-6171

Fee Schedule

$35 for up to two firearms

Add Ons:

  • Transfer triggering Multiple Handgun Sale Form (> 1 Handgun in 5 business day period) - $5
  • Additional firearms (>2) - $5 each
  • Storage (>5 Business Days) - $5 per day
  • Surprise Gun without any contact details - $10

$15 Off for NC Concealed Handgun Permit Holders


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