Laser Engraving by TCBG

As a fully licensed Type 07 Firearms Manufacturer with a Class 02 SOT, TCBG plays a key part in identifying firearms by using either our 50w JPT Source Fiber Laser or our 40w CO2 Laser to engrave serial numbers in to ATF standards of .003" or more. 

This doesn't keep our machines busy full time so we offer other laser engraving services to the public

JPT 50w Fiber Laser

Monport 40w CO2 Laser

Example Engravings

While we do have a few "Standard" offerings that one can order from our site, most engraving is custom and will need to be setup and then run. 

The standard setup fee is a minimum of $25, before custom work starts you will be provided with a quote for approval that includes the setup fee and run fees for your item(s). 

Aluminum Business Cards

Setup: $25
Per Card: $0.50 - $2.50 (Based on quantity and quality of cards)

Magpul PMAG30 Gen 3

$25 for Marked Magazine with images (Can add Caliber Marking)

$20 for Marked Magazine with Caliber

$10 per magazine to mark your mags(Qty 1-4)

$5 per magazine to mark your mags (Qty 5 or more)

Customer provided Stainless Steel Flask
$25 Setup + $5 per flask for marking
Customer Provided Knife (Stainless)
$25 Setup + $5 per knife 

$25 per pack of 4

.223/5.56 Brass with a single name $5.00

.308/.30-06 Brass with a single name 

.50 BMG Brass with single name

Projectiles with name

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